What’s the difference between Collaborative Divorce and Mediation?

You may be familiar with Divorce Mediation, where you and your spouse make decisions with the help of a neutral professional—a highly-skilled mediator with a background in divorce, financial planning, or mental health. But you may not have heard of the other type of non-adversarial divorce, Collaborative Divorce. In the simplest terms, Collaborative Divorce is Mediation with attorneys. You make all decisions with the help of a skilled neutral, but you each have a lawyer assisting you throughout the process.

What I like about the Collaborative Divorce process is that the lawyers, rather than adding to the conflict, pledge to get the family to the finish line without going to court. They commit to full disclosure and open communication. Many couples like this process because they are committed to avoiding court, but want to make sure there is a level playing field and experts to help them understand the facts.

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