How do I get a Divorce in Connecticut ?

There are multiple ways to get divorced in Connecticut. Your options range from “do-It-yourself ” to a full trial with lawyers and a Judge. Some ways are faster and cheaper, others are more expensive and require a lot of resources. Here is an easy to understand list that will help you decide which divorce is right for you.

Pro Se/Self-Represented: “For yourself.” When one or both parties represent themselves in court.

Mediation: A neutral third party works with the couple to help them come to an agreement.

Collaborative: A method of resolving a divorce case in which each spouse hires an attorney and signs an agreement to negotiate the divorce through a series of four-way meetings, often with the assistance of professionals such as therapists and financial advisors. If the divorce cannot be settled through these meetings and one party seeks a court trial, both lawyers must withdraw and the parties must hire new lawyers.

Litigation ending in settlement: Attorneys represent both spouses and use a combination of hearings, judicial pre-trials, discovery (collecting evidence), hearings, and negotiations to help the parties come to a settlement agreement.

Litigation ending in judgment after trial: Attorneys argue the case in their clients’ best interests and a judge makes decisions for the parties.

Comparison of Connecticut Divorce Methods

For assistance in determining which divorce is right for you, contact Lafferty & Martin at (203) 245-5925 or

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