Can I afford to get a Divorce?

You want to move on with your life, but you need a quick and affordable divorce. How much will it cost? You have options—some cheaper than others.

First, you can do it yourself without a lawyer or mediator. Family Courts in Connecticut have Court Service Centers designed to help you get a divorce. For more information and to download the forms you will need to get a divorce, click here:

If you need assistance, but need to keep costs down, consider keeping the conflict out the courtroom with Mediation. Divorce Mediation allows you to get a divorce without hiring attorneys to argue for you in court. All decisions are made on your time and within your budget.

Money for Divorce


Ask about our payment plans for Mediation and Collaborative Divorce.

If you are a high conflict couple but need to keep costs down, consider a Collaborative Divorce. With a Collaborative Divorce, you minimize the amount of money you spend on lawyers, while getting the support you need to handle the complicated or conflict-heavy issues.

For more information about Lafferty & Martin's Divorce Services, including payment plans and flat fee Divorce, contact us today.

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