Joe Brummer


Joe Brummer is a trainer, mediator, speaker, and facilitator.

Joe Brummer has clocked hundreds of hours at the mediation table facilitating in a wide variety of areas including family and divorce, workplace disputes, landlord/tenant conflicts, neighborhood disputes, civil law suits, and victim/offender mediation. 

Joe has offered trainings in mediation, restorative practices/justice, conflict management, and communication all over the country, and has become well respected for his workshops based on nonviolent

communication.  He has worked with youth and adults in a multitude of settings from peer mediation in schools to state employees to corporate Fortune 500 companies. Joe is able to tailor his skills, experiences, and work to the audiences with whom he is working. 

Currently, Joe is helping several Connecticut school districts implement restorative practices using nonviolent communication and collaborative & proactive solutions.  He continues to work with private and public sector employees to create more empathic work spaces. His work with Lafferty & Martin LLC brings restorative practices home through marital mediation, divorce, and custody mediation. 

He has been studying ahimsa (nonviolence) through mediation, nonviolent communication, and restorative practices for the last ten years as his personal response to being the survivor of two serious violent crimes. He has studied Kingian Nonviolence with the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence in Providence, Rhode Island, participated in the Teaching for Peace Program at the International School for Jain Studies in Delhi, India, and completed the International Intensive Training (IIT) with the International Center for Nonviolent Communication.  Joe is a also a member of the board of directors for the National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM) and the former associate executive director at Community Mediation, Inc. in Hamden, Connecticut.


“Joe Brummer is a most excellent choice for anyone who has need for the skills of a professional mediator. He is equally talented and effective as a leader for workshops on compassionate or non-violent communication. I have completed several different workshops with Joe in recent years. The sessons were life changing. Joe’s presence—as facilitator, guide and teacher—was key to the success of the programs. Having experienced the power of his work, I was most pleased to offer Joe Brummer an hororarium several times, so that he could share his experiences and transmit techniques to students in ethics classes at the University of New Haven. The student response was uniform: Joe’s presentation was excellent. I recommend Joe Brummer in the highest terms as mediator, facilitator, and teacher.

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“Joe brings enthusiasm to the often puzzling subtleties of conversation and excels in illumination of non-judgemental, calming responses to aggressive, contentious attacks. He has a deep commitment to conflict resolution.”

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