Gather Information

Whether you choose mediation, collaborative divorce, or litigated divorce, your attorney will need to collect certain financial and legal documents from you. Our biggest tip for saving money in a divorce, is to have all of that information collected, and in order, to present to your attorney. 

To save money, and spend less in legal fees, click below. 


Create a budget

"How do I decide when it's time to divorce?" and "can I afford to get divorced?", are questions we hear a lot. For good reason. There are emotional components divorce, but there are also financial ones. The key to deciding whether you can afford to divorce is creating a budget. Your divorce attorney can help you do that. To save money, however, you can create one yourself and share it with your attorney. Here is a worksheet that will help you create a post-divorce budget. 


 your parenting plan

A good divorce has a great parenting plan. A great parenting plan has a schedule that allows you to be the best parent you can be. At the same time it supports your child's unique growth and development. To learn more about the elements of a parenting or custody plan, click below.