The end of a marriage can be a difficult and confusing time. Decisions must be made about finances, division of property, and debt. If children are involved, child support and custody must be determined. The decisions you make during this time will affect you and your family for years to come.

A mediator is a neutral third party who works with you and your spouse to help you come to an agreement. All mediation sessions happen outside of court, where you are in control. Instead of leaving decisions about your family up to a judge, you can make these decisions with the help of a Mediator. With Attorney Thea Martin and Restorative Practitioner Joe Brummer as your Mediators, you will create a divorce agreement that is best for your family:

  • Create a parenting schedule that lets you parent in a meaningful way and allows your children to thrive;

  •  Design a budget that helps you move forward with financial security;

  •  Make potentially difficult decisions about assets, debts, and family possessions without resorting to court; and

  •  Acquire all paperwork required to get a divorce.

Imagine talking to your spouse about the tough issues—issues like money, parenting styles, respect, and plans for the future—without getting into an argument. With the help of Thea and Joe as your Mediators, you can address these conflict-laden issues calmly. With help, you can talk directly to each other about your wishes and concerns, and come to an agreement.

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"Attorney Martin was extremely professional and empathic. She explained the legal options in a clear and concise way that made a difficult situation more manageable. If you want a fierce advocate who also genuinely cares about the well being of you and your family, you will find it with her. Attorney Martin is excellent."

A Family Law Client

"Thea made sure I wasn't taken advantage of. She did a fantastic job and was always looking out for my well being. If you're looking for a great divorce attorney, Thea is your woman."

A Family Law Client