Child Support in Connecticut

Child Support Guidelines

The State of Connecticut has issued a set of guidelines for determining basic child support obligations for parents in Connecticut. Follow this link to see the full guidelines:   To determine your own child support obligation, click the button below to use this State of Connecticut Child Support Worksheet


Alimony & Spousal Support 

If you are thinking about divorce, it's time to start thinking about your budget. Unlike child support, there are no formulas or bright line rules for spousal support (alimony). Instead, you and your spouse will have to take a look at your income and expenses. An honest look at your budget will allow you determine how much support you will need after divorce.  It will also prepare you to make the difficult decisions that come with divorce.  Can I afford to stay in my home? Will I be able to retire? How much can I afford to pay in tuition? Is this the right time to get a divorce? Click below for a comprehensive budget.

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